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      About Us

      The Sirwan (Upper Diyala) Regional Project

      Welcome to BISI. We are the UK’s leading institution for arts, humanities and social sciences research and education on Iraq. ?

      We offer a range of grants for research projects and conferences. We fund and organise lectures, study days, and other public events in London, elsewhere in the UK, and Iraq.

      We work closely with academic colleagues in Iraq, including enabling the cultural heritage professionals of Iraq.

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      Open Access Publications

      Almost all of BISI’s books are available as free downloads. We publish on Iraq’s history, archaeology and languages.


      BISI’s journal IRAQ (Cambridge University Press) has appeared continuously since 1934 and is available through subscription. We also distribute The International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies (IJCIS).

      Book Catalogue

      News and Events

      BISI: our past, present and future

      We were founded in 1932, as the British School of Archaeology in Iraq, in memory of the renowned explorer and diplomat Gertrude Bell.

      The BSAI carried out excavations in Iraq until the 1990s, offering insights into Iraq’s pre-historic and ancient past.

      Today our academic coverage has expanded to cover humanities and social sciences research on ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary Iraq.?


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